Five things great managers do

Five Things Great Managers Do to Create High Performing Teams

Great managers consistently practice five behaviors that drive and motivate high performing teams. Find out what great managers do and how to practice these five actions.

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Product Marketing Manager standing with her laptop

Product Marketing Managers drive go-to-market and deeply understand your customers, positioning, and messages that drive action.

Product Marketing Managers: What They Do and Key Success Metrics

Marketing Team

Two marketers chatting

As a startup leader, you’ll want to hire key sets of marketers together. Small groups of marketers working together can get results faster.

Hire These Marketers Together to Move Faster

Marketing Strategy

Build community for your users online and in person

Find out ways to build community for your users so they support each other. Create your own community, in your social media, and live events.

Three Ways to Build Community for Your Users Online and in Person

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Get repeat customers to come back to your product

Develop programs to encourage your repeat customers to come back. Lifecycle email, seasonal campaigns, and loyalty programs drive engagement.

How to Get Repeat Customers to Come Back to Your Product

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Understand your target customers at a startup

Your entire team needs to understand your target customers at a startup. Launch product marketing, research, and a brand tracker to help.

Top Ways to Understand Your Target Customers at a Startup

Marketing Strategy

Three ways to improve your brand at a startup

A clear brand can help users understand the value of your product. Improve your brand at a startup with clear messaging and visual identity.

Three Key Ways to Improve Your Brand at a Startup

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Use data to become the leading authority in your category

Use your company’s data to become the leading authority in your category. Generate PR, offer sales content, and host exclusive events.

How to Use Data to Become the Leading Authority in Your Category

Marketing Strategy

Ways to keep new users coming back to your product

A new user email series can reinforce these messages, dripping tips out to new users in their first week.  And simple but clear videos can help show users what actions to take, emphasizing these important first steps

Three Ways to Keep New Users Coming Back to Your Product

Marketing Strategy

Best free ways to acquire new users 1

The best free ways to acquire new users for your product all start with great content. Optimize your website, SEO, and social media content.

The Best Free Ways to Acquire New Users For Your Product

Marketing Strategy

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