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Product Marketing Managers: What They Do and Key Success Metrics

Product Marketing Managers drive go-to-market and deeply understand your customers, positioning, and messages that drive action.

What does a Product Marketing Manager Do?

Product Marketing Managers (PMMs) are the “voice of customer” inside your company and they lead go-to-market for your new features and products. They develop a deep understanding of your target customers through research and other feedback channels. Then PMMs translate insights into compelling messaging and positioning to influence user behavior.

Product Marketing Managers lead new feature and product launches, partnering closely with the Product team and organizing the broader team for launch. PMMs partner with sales to tell your story to customers. They also help customers get more value out of your product by encouraging the use of valuable product features and driving upsells.

The Role of a Product Marketing Manager

Top responsibilities of Product Marketing Managers include:

  • Synthesize insights about your target customers, their needs, and their motivations
  • Craft compelling messaging , competitive analysis, and positioning
  • Develop personas, messaging, and (B2B) sales aides for sales teams
  • Launch new features and products, driving usage and revenue
  • Partner with product to develop the product roadmap based on user needs
  • Drive active use of valuable features among new and current customers
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Key Success Metrics

The main success metrics of Product Marketing Managers include:

  • Feature usage
  • New user retention
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Brand perception shift
  • Customer research insights
  • Competitive analysis
  • Net promoter score (NPS) (with Product Managers)

Titles To Consider

Most Product Marketing Managers at startups have a PMM title. But there are several other titles to consider depending on your product type:

  • Product Marketing (SaaS and tech products)
  • Category Manager (marketplaces)
  • Brand Manager (consumer packaged goods and physical products)


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