Five things great managers do

Five Things Great Managers Do to Create High Performing Teams

Great managers consistently practice five behaviors that drive and motivate high performing teams. Find out what great managers do and how to practice these five actions.

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Ways to keep new users coming back to your product

A new user email series can reinforce these messages, dripping tips out to new users in their first week.  And simple but clear videos can help show users what actions to take, emphasizing these important first steps

Three Ways to Keep New Users Coming Back to Your Product

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I work with VC-backed startup founders and leadership teams to define the most effective marketing strategy.  I’ve built and scaled highly-engaged marketing teams, all with limited resources and tight timelines. I’m a decisive, action-oriented leader known for my empathetic style. Let's get results for your startup too. 

Allyson Letteri
Marketing Leader & Startup Advisor

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