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Three Key Ways to Improve Your Brand at a Startup

A clear brand can help users understand the value of your product. Improve your brand at a startup with clear messaging and visual identity.

As your company finds product market fit, it’s important to improve your brand at a startup. A recognizable, consistent brand is easier for customers to remember and trust.

Maybe you’ve pieced together your brand, and now your marketing collateral looks like it was designed by multiple companies. It’s easy to get by at first without creating a clear brand strategy or design system. In the interest of moving fast, your team likely created a logo and some basic brand assets but no clear brand identity. 

But a strong brand platform makes customers feel a connection with your company. A clear brand can make your services feel even more valuable to customers. So focus on these three ways to improve your brand.

Three Key Ways to Improve Your Brand at a Startup

Solidify your brand messaging to improve your brand 

Marketing will help your company get clear on your brand proposition, values, tone, and more. A consistent, clear message about what your company is, why it’s unique, and it’s main benefit will help your entire team speak to your customers with clarity. 

You’ll appear more credible and desirable to customers. And it will be easier for your team and your customers to spread the word about your product when they can repeat the same, clear message.

Nail down your visual brand identity 

Your visual brand system brings your brand messaging to life. Your logo, colors, fonts, layouts, and imagery all reinforce how you work with customers and your product’s value.

Is your brand more approachable or exclusive? Is your brand more supportive or hard-charging? The right visual brand identity signals your brand values and ethos to customers every time they interact with your company.

Three Key Ways to Improve Your Brand at a Startup

Develop your brand guidelines 

Design is the key function that brings your brand to life through all of your marketing and product assets. A strong design team will develop brand guidelines that incorporate your brand messaging and identity. 

These guidelines drive all collateral and help the team maintain a consistent look and feel. When everything that your company produces looks “on brand,” it’s easier for customers to know and understand your product’s value.

Improve your brand at a startup

Creating clear messaging for your company is a great place to start when you’re ready to uplevel your brand.  How would you describe the benefit your product delivers in one sentence? Who is your product for specifically? And why is it unique? Aligning your whole team on language to describe these things drives brand clarity.

Your brand’s visual identity is also a signal to customers of your value. Start by identifying your brand attributes. Then make sure your visual branding showcases these attributes. Your logo, colors, fonts, design elements, and imagery should all bring your brand to life. Clear messaging and a consistent visual identity will significantly improve your brand at a startup.


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