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How to Get Repeat Customers to Come Back to Your Product

Develop programs to encourage your repeat customers to come back. Lifecycle email, seasonal campaigns, and loyalty programs drive engagement.

As your business grows, it’s important to understand how to get repeat customers to come back to your product. You need to retain your current users so that you have a sustainable business. And when you have a healthy cohort of repeat users, you know your product is delivering great value.

To increase usage among your current customers, create ways to consistently remind customers what your product has to offer. When you launch something new and notable, make it clear how the additional features will enhance their lives. Sure, you sold your customers when they first signed up. Think of lifecycle marketing as your way to reinforce why your product is the best choice for your customer over time.

Retaining your customers is an important driver of business growth. Marketing has the ability to use key channels and tactics to drive repeat use and nurture your most loyal users.

Get repeat customers to come back to your product 2

Launch a robust lifecycle email program 

Email and other types of notifications are a powerful way to encourage your users to come back into your product. Whether your customer left something in their cart or just did not take the next step, an email can be the nudge they need to return. 

Your email can also help explain “why” the user needs to take the action. You can explain the benefit a customer will get if they do something in your product to entice customers to return. Will your new feature save them time, make them look better, or earn them more money? Make that clear in your email so your customer is sure to click through.

Create seasonal campaigns

Marketers can take advantage of seasonal moments to re-engage your customers. Maybe your peak season is around the winter holidays, or you’re selling a service that everyone needs during the back-to-school season.

Create campaigns to remind current customers why your product is best for them. Seasonal campaigns can also draw attention to new features you’ve released.  You can drive excitement through giveaways, new creative, and special feature launches wrapped in your seasonal campaign.

Get repeat customers to come back to your product

Offer a loyalty program 

Rewarding customers for their loyalty or outstanding usage of your service can drive even more affinity for your product. Loyalty programs help cultivate brand ambassadors who love to tell others about your company. In a marketplace business, a loyalty program can signal who your best customers and service providers are (which can help drive sales). 

Give your top users special access to privileges and rewards to create an aspirational brand. A loyalty program is another reason for your customers to use your product instead of the competitors.

How to get repeat customers to come back to your product

Create an email series and programs that entice your customers to keep using. Sometimes all your customer needs is a small nudge (via an email or push notification) to remind them it’s time to come back.

Other times, you need to create more of a splash to get back on your customers’ radar. Take advantage of seasonal moments to run a campaign. Create a loyalty program so that customers consistently use your product over the alternatives. While your product’s value should speak for itself, you can create even more engagement with the right marketing programs.


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