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The Best Free Ways to Acquire New Users For Your Product

The best free ways to acquire new users for your product all start with great content. Optimize your website, SEO, and social media content.

The best free ways to acquire new users for your product all start with creating useful content. Optimize your website, create SEO-optimized content, and build your social media presence to attract new users.  These “owned” and “earned” marketing channels will drive free traffic to your site and will convert prospective users to new signups.

Best free ways to acquire new users

Optimize Your Website to Acquire New Users 

Create a high-converting website to ensure that when prospective users land on your site, they know what your company does and actions to take. Use a clear “call to action” to drive new users to sign up or to route them to the right product. Get clear on what content will convince users to take the action. 

Start by placing a compelling hook at the top of your homepage. This hook is a value proposition that makes a user think “I really need that” or “that would really solve my problem.” Then through the rest of your website, explain how your product delivers this benefit. Add user success stories, a sneak peak at features, and even a product demo.

Create SEO-optimized Content 

When your target audience is searching for a topic related to your service, you want your company’s name and content to appear at the top of Google results. Create a blog full of content that’s rich with keywords your users are searching for. This SEO-optimized content will help you rank near the top of the first page in search results when people search for something related to what your product solves. 

Users who click on organic search results and land on your site can really multiply over time. These organic search results can become a strong free source of qualified traffic for your website and app.

Best free ways to acquire new users

Create an Social Media Presence 

Connect with your audience through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikiTok, or whatever social site your target audience loves. Your goal is for users to feel a positive connection with your brand through how you show up in social media. Through your content on social channels, your users should better understand what you offer and how you can enhance their lives. 

They can also start to understand the community you serve and why your product is special and unique. This brand affinity can drive users back to your product to buy or use more often. It can be the linchpin in convincing users that your product is better for them than the competitor’s offering.

Free ways to acquire new users for your product

As part of your acquisition strategy, it’s smart to optimize free marketing channels before you invest in paid channels. With the right content, your website can effectively convert customers and be a strong SEO engine. SEO and social media are powerful ways to get your brand in front of customers and shape brand perception. 

Not only will these paid channels save you money, they can also help paid marketing campaigns work more effectively.  For instance, you want users to land on a website that clearly explains your product’s benefits and has a clear call to action to take the next step. A confusing, low converting website causes users to bound and you to waste ad spend. 

In addition, ranking high in organic search listings will make any paid search ads more effective. It helps a user to see your company’s names in multiple places on the same page. This builds authority and recognition. Plus, having multiple placements on a search page gives you the opportunity to showcase your product in multiple ways. Strong “free” search results will help your paid search results perform better.


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