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How to Use Data to Become the Leading Authority in Your Category

Use your company’s data to become the leading authority in your category. Generate PR, offer sales content, and host exclusive events.

You’re in luck if your product generates a goldmine of unique data and insights about your audience. Use your data to become the leading authority in your category. A marketing team can help you turn this data into unique content assets. These reports and unique content will fuel your PR coverage and build your qualified lead pipeline.

Use data to become the leading authority in your category

Leverage PR to become the leading authority in your category

A great way to generate press is to turn your data into exclusive reports or snackable data points. You want your company to be known as the authority in your space. The data you have is very valuable to reporters. Work with a PR agency to get the word out about your company’s unique POV and data. 

Over time, your company will become the go-to resource for press looking for data or expert commentary in your category. Also consider releasing quarterly reports to generate news in your industry. You’ll soon become known as a thought leader on key topics.

Create sales content to highlight your unique insights

Your unique data is also a great lever to attract prospective customers into your sales funnel. Your marketing team will hone in on what users in your category are eager to know and understand. Leveraging your data and user stories, marketers can create a range of content that entices prospective customers to learn more. 

Release content as downloadable reports, webinars, how-to series, workshops, and more. Use this same content to generate organic search traffic via SEO and to pitch the press.

Use data to become the leading authority in your category

Host exclusive events to reveal new data

Host exclusive events for current or prospective customers as another great way to become known as the leader in your category. At these events, you can reveal new data and insights about your space or host exciting, expert panelists. 

You can showcase customers who love your product at events. Have these advocates share success stories and tips. The goal of events is to help your audience learn or experience something uniquely valuable, building affinity for your company.

Use unique data to create authority for your brand

Your unique data is an incredible asset that can fuel your PR and content strategy. Work with a PR agency to get your data on the radar for key reporters. Consider what days can become attractive sales content to attract new leads. 

And use your data as a platform for events for customers. These exclusive opportunities help your customers learn from your company, creating loyalty and value.


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